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Just a thought!

Posted on: December 25, 2005

In the past few days, I really want to do more things that I have already done. But as much as I would have wanted to, one really do have so little time. Would you have thought to go into places that seems farfetched in your life right now?

I wanted, as I am typing this entry, to go to my favourite country, the United Kingdom, but what do I get? I have never been to Cebu or Bagiuo, the least! Come and join me in thinking! What do you really want to do, or want to be? I am hoping that I can see into the Mirror of Erised! Even that mirror, it is impossible for one to have that!

Yeah! Prof. Albus Dumbledore is right in saying, Man has a knack of choosing what he wanted from what he needs! And he is right! Of course, for example, we all wanted to be rich (who doesn’t want to be?), but it will bring out greediness to us! Doing everything just to be rich! Plunderers, corrupts, theifs, do we need those people? But they are here, they are living! Why not have just the correct amount of money, just to live peacefully and of content?

People really do have a knack on these things! Now I post this question to you: what do you want, your heart’s desire?

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