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Charles’ Reviews: Da Vinci Code

Posted on: June 3, 2006


The Da Vinci CodeLast Friday (May 26, 2006) was my enrollment (Im going to my last year in college, yahoo!), so me and my classmates got hang around after the day, we watched the DA VINCI CODE! And I insisted, of course, to watch it in one of my favorite place, Gateway Mall in Araneta Center. That was a though commuter ride (we rode jeepney from Manila City Hall to MRT EDSA-Taft Station, lined up with alot of people, and rode MRT to Araneta Cubao).

So, Ive read the book, written by Dan Brown, before my enrollment day knowing we would watch it the next day, coz its planned, since March). And everytime I read it, (about 5 times already) I get thrilled more and more!

Comparing the book and the movie, it seems more realistic in the movie, of course, i can see it, rather than imagining it, but the effects, especially the one used while Silas is doing his chastice, I felt sick with it… hehehe… but in good sense though!

Almost the same elemets of the book was put in the movie, although my imagination ran wilder in the part of the bank vault (hehehe… cant explain it!). I got irritated with one of my mates when she keeps on pointing that the movie cut the part where the password “sofia” was not used in the crytex because in the book, there were 2 cryptex, and they only used the second one with the password “apple”…

The lines which most affected me were (1) the dialogue used by Sophie speaking to Silas in the private plane: “Your God does not forgive murderers; He burns them”, and (2) the one used by Prof. Langdon speaking to Sir Leih Teabing: “Nobody hates History”…

Sophie Nevue and Robert LangdonThe first one is, of course, true… and the second one, well as a teacher-to-be of history, i can say i have biases, but this was the first time that dawned to me, as true, in essense (ill discuss these in further blogposts)

I may not be a film critic, but I can say that the movie is well done, well budgeted, and it will be a hit (or it is a big hit!). On being a “R-18 movie”, i would definetely agree with this one, the plot itself is complex to understand for a young mind (even if they read the book), the controversy that was opened by both the book and the movie can destroy one’s faith and understanding, especially of a young mind!

Over all, I recommend the book and the movie as 5-Stars with restrictions…

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