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Summer’s Out, School’s In

Posted on: June 3, 2006

Only four days to go and summer’s out and school’s in!

I am so excited with the coming semester, because, everything (well, almost everything) will change. I have classes now! Not just the ordinary classes, sitting and listening to the teacher, but I, myself, will be the teacher! Its my On-The-Job Training, or Practice-Teaching for us, this semester!

And what a better way to prepare for this semester is to have read more books, more current affairs news and, of course, practice in my bedroom ar night! hehehe… Anyway, I know that this semester, my teaching skills will be develop fully and that will be the most important skill that I will ever need!

I hope, and pray, that my students to be will not be as hard headed as I am when Im still in school…

Till next time!Ta, ta!


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