How to Blog an Exploding Man?

What movie?

Posted on: June 8, 2006

What I have done this day? hehehe…I’ve watched Disney-Pixar’s Cars! This is my 3rd movie in two weeks! The last two, as I remind you, were The Da Vinci Code and X-Men 3: The Last Stand!

But before I went to buy the ticket, I was in two minds, actually in three! I cant decide which to watch! My choices are “Cars”, “Omen:666” and “Manay Po”! You think that before I went to the mall, Ive already decided which to watch! Actually, yes, Ive already decided: that’s “All About Love”, but the heck! SM City Sucat scrape All About Love from thier list today!

So, if I watch Omen:666, its too scary. I dont fancy scary movie much! What if I dream of it? And besides, wala akong kasama! Sinong pagtataguan ko? hehehe…. I’ll think I’ll wet my pants off, kapag pinanood ko yun! Manay Po naman is too gay! Hindi naman sa ayaw ko sa mga bakla, but I just dont fancy it! So, im off to Cars!

Super ganda ng movie, I actually watched it twice! Because Ive repeated the movie twice, just to make it stamp into my memory… hehehehe… nah! Its just to waste time, and to Lightning McQueenmake most of my money!

The story goes when this red racing car named Lightning McQueen (nicknamed Stickers), won the prestigous Piston Cup had a three-way tie. So there will be a re-match between the three racing cars, the two other were named King, the blue one, and the green Chicks Hicks. But on the way to California, Mac, the trailer truck that serves Stickers, left the racing car on the Inter-State Highway! Stickers then accidentally went to this sleepy town named Radiator Town!

Hehehe… that’s all Im going to say… Just watch it!


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