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Posted on: June 9, 2006

Wonderful LifeI was watching Wonderful Life last evening, and there’s a scene in which Cynthia and Janine were talking in the hospital. Janine asked Cynthia whether she had a flu or something during the latter’s childhood. Cynthia answered back that she has a heartache, because she dont know how to love, since she did not experienced to be loved by her own parents. The kid answered back, that from now on, she will love Cynthia, so that her heart will never be a problem again.

I was so affected by that scene! I could compare my self to Cynthia’s life. As you all knowIkaw ang Lahat sa Akin, I was raised by my grandparents, and rarely did I see my true parents. It was the same thought that I had. I never experience being love, so I dont know how to love! Hehehe… Maybe that’s why I cant find my true love.

I remember the character portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz in his last series, Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin. Oliver (JLC) is happy-go-lucky person, making jokes and always happy with his friends and loved ones. But within himself, he is lonely, looking for someone to love him, trying to free his self in the cage of his father.

I can see my self in Oliver, trying to be free, breaking the bonds that they put in me. You can always see me happy, smiling and joking, but the time when I am myself, I cry and crushed from within.

Im being too sentimental today! Sorry! Just want to get that heavy feeling that I have since last night!

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ei charles. i’m heidz, ang dating boarder ni kuya. i was touched by this blog. i’m feeling kinda depressed kasi right now and i now realize it’s coz pareho tayo ni Cynthia and Oliver. Oh sure, mahal naman ako ng parents ko, di naman sila nagkulang don, pero given yun, diba, na talagang mamahalin ka ng parents mo. feeling ko lang wala talagang nagmamahal sakin. though marami akong “friends” and parati akong mukhang masaya, minsan, deep inside, i’m really lonely, and i get these bouts of despair that i wanna cry for no reason at all. (sigh)

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