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Playing Simulation – NationStates

Posted on: June 13, 2006

Cyber games are now pretty well known, especially in the youth sector. I am now hooked up on these, although not the usual game of Ragnarok, Dota or FlyFF. I’ve been playing Nation States, Cyber Nations and Earth 2025. These all concers political science and governments.

nationstates philippinesSince March this year, I started to play Nation States, a simulation game which includes making my own nation, having decisions on current national issues and deciding on how to make my simulated people live. Each nation is located, primarily at The Pacific (with all sub-directions, North, East, South and West). After your nation is created, you get to name it, and making it as it is (mine’s The Republic of Seendeal), you can put it in any region you want! There are almost 115,000 regions to choose from! Though isnt it? So I choose The Philippines, para Filipino ang kausap ko… hehehe…

Here in NationStates, any region can invade other region (called a invader region), have an alliance, or be a defender region (obviously, defend a region being invaded!). One region can be just a peaceful nation as you want. In controlling nations in NS, the administrators created the United Nations. Same as the real UN, a region can have one UN Delegate, that’s having the most nations pelased with your performance.

One hatched here is that the region members itself must create their own forum board.

So if your interested to play and join us in the Philippines, the link is:

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