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Three for the day

Posted on: June 21, 2006

Note: This blogpost will cover three days that I have not blogged. Wala lang, pa-importante lang…

Day 1: (June 19, 2005, Monday)

Monday was a tiring day!

First, I went to Paranaque Central Elementary School for the approval of Dr. Eduardo Lopez, the Division Superintendent of Paranaque City. I waited, for like, 4 hours just to get his approval! What the heck! Pwede namang pirmahan nalang yun kasi may Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) ang PNU at DepEd.

After they approved the letter, I went to PNU Manila, and it was so traffic! I still waited 2 hour so that I can get the Letter of Endorsement from the Department of Student Teaching, because they are having a “major” meeting! Can’t they postpone their meeting for my “major” breakdown!

Hoping that the next days to come may not be that too tiring!

Day 2: (June 20, 2005, Tuesday)

Last Tuesday was our first entry at Parañaque National High School (PNHS), and God blessed us that the Assistant Principal Dr. De Leon had approved our request after much delaying tactics from the Office of the Division Superintendent of City Schools. We also met our Department Head and our Cooperating Teacher (CT), and luckily, my CT, Mrs. Ailene Eclarinal, is so kind, she actually gave me advices in handling her classes, and she also gave me a copy of her DLC and Lesson Plan Book.

Well, that’s just what happend last Tuesday. And by the way, we also travelled the whole school, and its big, considering its a public school, and each classroom has its own water dispenser!

Day 3: (June 21, 2006, Wednesday)

Today was my first observation day at Mrs. Eclarinal’s class, and I saw that not all classrooms are bad looking, some even have their own curtains. Although most of the class that I entered has a class of more than 65, and there’s not much space to walk, but the classroom setting is conducive for a student-teacher learning experience.

Ms. E (as I call Mrs. Eclarinal) actually is a very good teacher, she handles 7 classes everyday, 4 straight and 3 after break, every 2 classes, she transfers from building to building, 4th floor to 4th floor, and that’s tough! Not just that, she carries her bag, class recors, lesson plan, 2 big World and Philippine maps, her visual aids and a bottle of C2.

Her class schedule, which is also mine is as follows: (just for your perusal)

6:00 – 6:55 I-5 Philippine History

6:55 – 7:50 I-6 Philippine History

7:50 – 8:45 III-1 World History

8:45 – 9:40 II-2 World History

9:40 – 10:00 Break

10:00 – 10:55 I-3 Philippine History

10:55 – 11:50 I-4 Philippine History

11:50 – 12:45 III-3 World History

By the Way, starting Monday, I will be starting the actual teaching on those classes, keep your fingers cross…

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