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A Sad Week for Tropang OTVR

Posted on: July 3, 2006

This week is a very sad week for the forumers who lurk at the beloved Official TV Ratings Thread (OTVR) at the ABS-CBN Forums

Why? Well , because, one of the moderators, Kuya Raymond, started to keep an eye on this thread…

He threatens us to delete this thread if off-topics continued to be posted here…

So we asked to have this thread title to be changed as “OTVR Discussion Thread” and make another “OTVR Ratings Only Thread”

At first, he wouldnt give in, but due to our insistence, he agreed with some conditions…

If off-topics would be posted in the “Ratings Only Thread”, all members who lurk in the OTVR Discussion would be banned and both the “OTVR Discussion Thread and Ratings Only Thread” would be delete…

So at first we tried to negotiate the conditions, but he would’nt budge… he gave us time to discuss it on ourselves so that’s why OTVR still lives on the legacy…

ill it be a sad goodbye to our beloved home thread OTVR?

Or will it be a happy ending after all?

1 Response to "A Sad Week for Tropang OTVR"

okay 2 ah……..sana magtagal pa yung thread natin na otvr

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