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My No. 1’s

Posted on: July 18, 2006

Being Number 1 is a tough job! Someone or something will put out their greatest effort to keep it out of you, its pretty hard job being at Number 1!

And so I’ve kept a list of things that is still at Number 1 for me!:

1. The TV Ratings Discussion Thread (formerly Official TV Ratings Thread) at the ABS-CBN Forums! With an amazing 40,917 (as of July 18, 2006 at 5:08pm), that’s 9.35% of the TVRD post! And I am still enjoying my posting at ABS-CBN forums, so I know, it’ll be more!

2. ABS-CBN Kapamilya Channel 2. Despite the ratings (which most of us believed its padded), despite all the shortcomings of ABS-CBN and all the tragedies and problems it encounters everyday, it still reigns as the Number 1 Network in the Philippines (especially for me!)

3. Dahil Ikaw by SugarFree. Ah, I love this song! Since I first heard it till now, I wouldnt miss a chance to hear it from the radio and TV. Sadly, it was temporarily replaced by Kung Malaya Lang Ako by Kris Lawrence as the Sub-Theme Song of Sa Piling Mo.

4. And speaking of Sa Piling Mo, it still reigns as the No. 1 Teleserye in the Philippines! With its unique plot and good actors, it is a series that you wouldnt want to miss an episode! (And if you do, I’ll say, your stupid! – joke!)

5. I Love ….. Jasmin? Yup! I love Jasmin of My Girl! It now tops my favorite Koreanovela, replacing Only You which is now at No. 2, followed by Princess Lulu at No. 3

6. Harry Potter. My favorite book of all time. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It is my favorite book if you rank all the HP books.

7. X-Men 3. My No. 1 movie of the year 2006!

and lastly…

8. My Crush… I wouldnt tell, coz I know she reads this blog!

So… I’ll keep you posted later!


19 Responses to "My No. 1’s"

hey i got to make a comment here. i am inspired to post an entry like this..a list of my number 1s..this is cool. anyway dahil ikaw is originally sung by micheal cruz remember the gay contestant in star in a million season 2.and,it was true faith who revived is also true fatih’s rendition of the song that is being used in sa piling mo..yay, jasmin..i super love my girl!!db i told you i bought a copy..oh and who’s your crush..yihee.. have you tried posting in’s one of the coolest forum on the web world today..i am not an avid poster but i am a member and usually lurks around. there are also a lot of other super kapamilya like us there. friendly and nice.. and may i just add that some celebrities post there..aryt..peace charles..miss you

your right all that you’ve say is kuurek!!!!

pls. di ko na kaya. ibalik nyo nang 5 days ang mygirl. cge ksayo mawawalan kayo ng fans… mas importante kmi kesa sa anuman]

wala naman akong magagawa… dun sa scheduling ng abs-cbn… pero, if i were you… post it at abs-cbn forums, or sa pex!

Ganda TLga ng My girl..!! NakakakLig………..

sinabi mo pa vince… thanks for posting your comment!

charlesy i sooo love let’s goo…you know the korean sitcom “Nonstop” haha..i htinki let’s go is patterned to NOnstop..let’s go is hilarious..loves it

i realy luv watching kapamilya shows………………. you will be inspired and entertained. their programs is unique…………………………

symepre… iba magmahal ang kapamilya…

Sa piling mo is so good as well as my girl. kakakilig, if only I can have my own Julian dba?! Dahil Ikaw is surely a hit… Bakit hindi eh, sagad hanggang buto ang tama nito, inluv ka man or hindi… Charles, it’s really a nice move to post something like this…

i really really miss you na…
tagal na nating di nagkikita!
sana magkita tayo sa ibang araw…
thanks for your comment
at sana keep reading my blog!

nababaliw ako sa My Girl . Kahit 3x ko na syang napanood

Grabe ang ganda ganda ng mygirl di ako makakatulog kapag di ako makakapanood ng my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ang susunod na mangyayari sa my girl………
Bumalik uli c Jasmine sa pagiging tour guide
C Julian naman nag-stay sa Japan sa pag-aakalang nandun c Jasmine
C Niko ang pumalit sa position ni Julian sa company..
At syempre, may gagawin pang nakakainis c Anika kc malalaman nya na tatay ni jasmine ung nagbigay sa kanya ng information abt sa apo…
Ipapakita na rin kung cno ang tunay na apo ni lolo which is c chun yang with Marvin

Spoiler lng 2, nood kau ng my girl ha????????!!!!!!!!!!

hello i luv u julian

nood kau ng my girl ha…….
ang gwapo ni julian in his glasses asssssss innnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like my girl too. hindi masyadong madrama ang kwento.

but i like bituing walang ningning better than sa piling mo kahit na i don’t like sarah. naiinis kasi ako kay angelica kaya i watch it. hehehe

yung sa piling mo gusto ko siya dati pero hindi ko na gusto yung story ngayon. don’t be offended ha. this is just my own opinion. parang mali kasi eh. it’s adultery [kahit na ba sabihing no sex involved]. pero we all know naman na sa huli, happliy ever after sila diba. parang sinabi na ok lang na nag momentary affair sila kasi love will prevail. but i like matinez’s acting. masasabi mo talagang, nababaliw na siya sa greed niya!

hello lizzie…
when I wrote this blog entry, i like Sa Piling Mo,
but at of this moment, mas gusto ko na din ang Bituing Walang Ningning…
but the heck, theyre both good! theyre both kapamilya!
so i like them both!

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