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Triple Celebration

Posted on: July 22, 2006

Saturday was our family reunion, if you can call it one, since almost everybody in the family showed up. And the celebration is because of 3 reasons: Mama Che’s 40th birthday, Daddy Rolly’s despida party, and Tita Winnie’s and Tita Mila’s departure, all in one day!

Everybody showed up, everybody shared stories, talk much about what’s happening in their lives, and reminising their past! Ewww, that’s what the oldies always do, reminice their past! Hehehe, anyway, I remember the movie Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, starring Sharon Cuneta and Aga Mulach, wherein they had reunion for the oldies… Hehehe, such old times were precious.

So Tita Baby showed up with daugther Thea, Mommy Lisa and sons Gio and Gelo, Mama Che and Tito Joey with Andrei, JD and Myka, Tito Buboy and Tita Tess with Ate Ria. Almost everybody, as I say.

Sunday, its double event again with Family Outing in Subic, sadly I wont be going out, since I need to make my Lesson Plans and PBBFG’s 3rd Eviction, I dread, who will be evicted, I hope Im not!.

On Monday, its double event, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s 2006 SONA and 2006 Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant. As part of the activity for Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game 3, I placed bets on those two events, and again, I dread on the upcoming result! Aaaarrrggg!

Come this Monday, it will be my first observation with Dr. Evangeline Martin, my Cooperating Teacher. I’m so nervous, I need to make my materials and visual aids now! bye bye! Caio!

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