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Charles Reviews: Sukob, Just My Luck

Posted on: July 29, 2006

Ok, so I think I am a movie freak now! Just today, Saturday, My classmates and I went to SM Mall of Asia to watch Sukob, but after Sukob, I dont know what happened, I decided to watch Just My Luck. They both good movies, so I decided to give my reviews:


This is freakin’ good! Much better than Kris and Chito Roño’s first tandem in Feng Shui! I wont give much spoilers but what I like most in the movie is the fact that it scared me up until the end, which is a overstatement, beause I usually get scared on the first half of the movie, then I get bored after that.

Sukob, as we all know, is a ancient Filipino superstition, believing that siblings should not get married within a year. I much figured out what would happened in the movie, since Kris and Claudine “sukob” each other, they are sisters, for God’s sake! Half-sisters in fact! Now that’s a spoiler, but I won’t tell anymore from here.

The plot is very good, not great! The movie tried to use the element of time, from here you can identify the part of the movie where it flashbacked, but if you watched the movie, these past events are not clearly Joya’s (Maja Salvador) psychic vision, like she claimed it to be. The character name of Claudine too were a bit of a problem, ang akala ko, si Claudine ay si Helen, then another name comes out, Agnes, then Diane too were Claudine’s character name. Anyway, for the purpose of my review, Claudine’s name in the movie is Diane. I dont know who the hell is Helen (Kris supposedly friend, who died of the curse of Sukob too) and Agnes, both characters did not appeared in the movie, but the names has been mentioned many times in the movie.

So, all in all, this is much better than Feng Shui, and I recommend the movie for your entertainment! By the way, Kris and Claudine’s acting here is superb, Kris much improved since her Pido Dida days, and Claudine’s usual gleaming potryal of her character is much unmistakable!


Do you believe in luck, in karma? Well, Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) believes it much. So when one has all the luck, all the money, all the pleasure, then all of the sudden, you loose it with kissing an unknown guy, what do you do? Ashley hunted and tried to kiss all men in the party that she went the night before.

Hah! And Jake (Chris Pine), who has bad luck ever since he was born, was the lucky guy, very lucky indeed, having able to kiss the lovely Ashley, and “stealing” her luck. He madeit thru the DM Recording for their band McFly (as McFly) and made it big, played in Hard Rock Cafe New York and sold platinum albums.

So, how Ashley and Jake finally meet up? In a cafe, where Ashley ate scrap bacons from an old man’s plate. She has been driven by her bad luck from prison to a pile of artist mud and again to prison cell. And how did she recover her good luck? She didnt, gave it to Cathe, Jake’s cousin, who won $25, but she had her own good luck, having a boyfriend.

The plot is nice, the charaters not stupid, unlike most teeny weepy movies and over all its good! But I am in half-mind to recommend the movie for your viewing… anyways, its your decision!


5 Responses to "Charles Reviews: Sukob, Just My Luck"

wow charles buti you still find time to watch movies..buti ka pa!? hehe i heard sukob was great.i think i am the only person left in the whole philippines who has not seem sukob..haha..any ways..i like the new color of your lakyout..i have a question by the way..why ‘name less’ befire and now ‘taking chances’?

name less, parang finding myself pa..
ngaun… taking chances in finding myself…

hey, got a chance to get here… hehehe… ganda talaga ng sukob, i already watched it last saturday, aug. 5! incomparable talaga… if you watched white lady like my brother, uh, he hates it a lot! nothing compares to sukob! even feng shui, because although fen shui and sukob has same genre, i don’t find it of the same level… much higher sa sukob… hindi ako natakot, nagulat lang! teka parang blog entry ata ito ah! hehehehe

thanks for your comment, kuya!
anyway… try to visit PNU… madaming nangyayari ngaun dun
at bakit di ka na pumupunta sa abs-cbn forums?
bisita ka naman dun!

Lindsay has definately been overexposed lately and I think that’s going to hurt her career in the next year!

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