How to Blog an Exploding Man?

Santiago vs. Ramos

Posted on: August 4, 2006

This time, I think I’m compelled to give my opinion on the recent clash of the two best personalities in the Philippine Politics, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Former President Fidel V. Ramo.

So, this political fued, which already crossed to their personal fight, started in 1992, the 1992 Presidential Elections, in fact, which both of them participated as Presidential Candidates, which the latter, as we all know, won. Although, Pres. Ramos was the declared winner,Senator Defensor-Santiago questioned the result and asked the P.E.T. (Presidential Election Tribunal) to recount all the ballots. Since then, they had this fued. And again, their rescent clash about the Masinloc Power Plant, which was built during Ramos Administration.

And why am I compelled to blog this? They are some of my “favorite” political personality, which I hated whenever they shout on things, especially Madam Miriam.

And this is a perfect example of personal interest in the Philippine politics. Why cant we just do what we need to do, but this time FOR THE PEOPLE, and not for ourselves. The whole of 80 million and more Filipinos is in their hands and yet, they are here to say “I am the Chairman, and I have the floor whenever I wanted them”? Shash!

People, please, let’s help each other.


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