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Tips for the Mid-Term Exam

Posted on: August 7, 2006

Midterm na naman, syempre nangangarag na naman kayo sa pagrereview, so I decided to give some tips on reviewing for specific types of examination, syempre naman, teacher ako…

1. In exams which are essay types, pick ten topics that the teacher is most likely to ask. Then write ten full essays on the likely topics. Of course, if you pick 10 topics that the teacher did not ask, you should seriously consider dropping the course.

2. Some classes have problem solving, pick ten types of problems that will most likely be asked. The solutions will be varied, but pay attention to the type of problem. Then pick 10 variables that can be changed in each of the 10 problems.

3. A popular type of test is the multiple choice. There are 4 or 5 answers to choose from. To review, make a list of 100 completely true statements on the topic. Figure out what words could be introduced to those statements that would make them false. Then you have an answer pattern. On the test, the answering procedure is this: If you are 100% sure, then that is your answer. More often you are not 100% sure, then do a process of elimination, starting with the a. (or 1.) answer, followed by b. (or 2.) and so on. If you find an answer that you are comfortable with, that is your answer. If not, mark the question (I underline the question number) and go back to it if you have time. If you find that all of the questions are marked, I would recommend dropping the course.

4. When you have absolutely no idea and its not write-minus-wrong multiple choice examination, go for Letter B on odd numbered questions, and C on even numbered questions.

5. In a true or false type, odds on the first question is a FALSE, and the second is FALSE also. If you have exam paper, look for a pattern on the questions, the pattern is usually “2 false, 3 true, 2 false, 1 true….”

6. And all other test types are so easy that any variation of the above will work. If it doesn’t, seriously consider changing your major. It is not for you.

So there you go, Good Luck!


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