How to Blog an Exploding Man?


Posted on: August 10, 2006

They say that planning one’s life is setting priorities straight. Correct!

I dont know why I was so out of it these past weeks. Last night, I stayed up until midnight, making lesson plans, and just this morning, I woke up at 7 am to finish my visual aids, and I actually ran into my classroom, having just beaten the bell. Its just setting my short term priorities.

I am constantly telling everyone my goal, finish my bachelor studies, take up masters degree immediately, go to other country, have my own family, take up doctoral degree(s), set up a University! But all that belongs to my Long Term Priorities.

But for now, I need to set short term priorities, like making and submitting my requirements on time, study for the lessons, and sleep on time. Why do I keep missing these, you ask? Man, I am hooked with community forums, like ABS-CBN forums, pex and PT, and of course, watching television shows! But now’s definitely wrong time to get hooked, when the list of need-to-do is getting longer and longer!

Just one thing made me extremely happy this week, its receiving an excellent mark in my observation class. Just yesterday, Wednesday, my college supervisor paid me a surprise visit, luckily I am always ready, visuals and lessons, but its all based on my talent to teach. As I say to my classmates, its all in passion and, well, priorities.


2 Responses to "Priorities"

Oh, me too! I set up my priorities in life… madaming balak pero talagang matagal bago ma-achieve… dati, before my present work, which is here nga in publishing, i set my short term goal to find a suited job for me… and ito na nga yun… kahit nageducation ako sa course ko, hindi ko kailanman napractice ang pagtuturo except nung off-campus namin… i love teaching, and i always will, but there are always other ways to teach at eto na nga yon… ang mapasama sa isang publishing house… involved ako sa science magazine, and like a teacher, mahirap din responsibility ang ginagawa namin… because the students always believe what they read! see, para na rin akong teacher… i know a teacher affects forever, quoted by bob ong, but i found a way to affect the students without even being there… in my own little ways, i already taught almost all of the Philippines… not just one four-cornered classroom.

nga pala i linked you up in my blogsite… para naman updated ako… hehehe… sana meron ka ding tagboard… my long term goal naman is to enter or be an employee of abs-cbn! call me crazy pero ito talaga ang gusto kahit nung high school pa ako! sana nga creative writing na lang ang kinuha ko no? pero hindi… pero salamat na din… haba na nito… cge ciao!

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