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My List Down Under

Posted on: August 13, 2006

Since my blogpost “My No. 1’s” is getting the most hits and comments, Ive decided to make another list, but this time a list that contains all that is “down under”.

I dont expect this list to be a part of my no. 1 list, if ever!

1. A Love To Kill – Kahit super solid kapamilya ako, meron din naman akong ayaw sa ABS-CBN, this koreanovela is one of them, simple lang ang rason, pangit ang kwento at masyadong late ang timeslot.

2. Majika – Angel Locsin as pinay Harry Potter? The idea itself is making me sick, the lines are stupid and the special effects are recycled garbage that was retrieved from the dumpsite. Besides the fact that it was made by GMA-7!

3. Almost all movies under the genre of horror and suspense, except from Sukob, Feng Shui and the movie series of Ring. Well, nakakatakot talaga ang horror movies (obviously!), I just cant stand being horrified, with my consent?

4. Mekeni Picnic Hotdog Ko! Commercial – That’s the most stupid commercial (yet, I am in laughter everytime I see it), gusto gayahin ang fame ng Coca-Cola the one with the hand-game!

5. S.O.C.O. – Another ABS-CBN program, I dont get why viewers would want to see people getting murdered. Just asking!

6. SiS – Circus and wet market every morning? Just watch this!

7. ESPN, Solar Sports, and other sports channel – I just dont fancy much sports, that’s maybe why I am so fat!


8. My highschool Physics teacher and CAT Commandant, Mr. Romeo Navarro, I wont forget na minsan pinahirapan niya akong gumawa ng plates at pinagpush-up nung birthday ko mismo! But I thanked him for passing me in high school!

Hope you like this list.. and I’ll start tagging for their own list…

Ill keep you posted… later!

2 Responses to "My List Down Under"

hahaha… comment on majika… nakakainis talag un… kung frequent kang nanonood… like we do, for the fact na andun ung kapatid ko (solid kapamilya ito!), na buti naman ay wala na cya dun… puro VOICE OVER ang karamihan sa mga scenes… kainis! at indi consistent sa takbo ng story… for example… ang saladin daw kasi ay ibang mundo, so dun ang tawag sa mga hayop na pareho sa mundo ng mga mortal daw ay iba ang tawag… such as… ibon sa mundo ng mga mortal… sa saladin, DAGUNA! ngaun, hindi na nila mabigyan ng ibang name ang kambing, palaka at kuneho, which are supposedly ibang name nga dahil nasa saladin sila… like dun sa DAGUNA! haay very inconsistent indeed!

nga pala… i’ll visit the forum one of this days… nagbabasa pa rin naman ako ng forum… alam ko ngang may bago ng thread e… di ko lng alam kung what happen dun sa dating otvr? busy pa sa work e… sa google ako nagbabasa ung link kaya parang nakainvisible mode din naman ako…

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