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A Truly Dedicated Kapamilya

Posted on: August 22, 2006

Ive got nothing to post so, eto na lang.Last August 8, I wrote to ABS-CBN Interactive Administrators.

Here’s the transcript, if you cant see the e-mail above!

Dear ABS-CBN Interactive Administrators,

I am charleslemark, an active member of ABS-CBN Forums and an avid Kapamilya. Tomorrow, August 9, would be the first year anniversary of ABS-CBN Forums under a new board, powered by Invision Power Boards.

All members are expecting some celebration for the anniversary, but a different surprise greeted us today, one day before the anniversary, the ABS-CBN Forum was hacked by someone called Zim/Zimlite. Please do something about this. Since the board was hosted by IPB, there has at least 5 times that it went offline for how many days, sometimes weeks!

Please, if ABS-CBN really values its Kapamilya, do something about this! ABS-CBN is much superior than other networks, so please do something about this problem.

Nagmamahal Kapamilya,
charleslemark (

and they wrote back…

Again, here’s the transcript, if you cant see the e-mail above!

Hi Charles,

We really had planned on celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our forums. However, as you well know, we encountered some technical problems. I only hope this has not dampered the spirit of Kapamilya that some of us have found in the message boards.

Anyway, the problem has been resolved. Please continue to be active and to participate in our forums. Also, don’t worry. We will find a way to celebrate our year of being together.


Bianca (

Its so great to be Kapamilya!


2 Responses to "A Truly Dedicated Kapamilya"

naks naman… sinagot cya ng admin(?) ng forum… oi btw, ibahin mo na ung blogkuto na name ko… lagay mo na lng ek manalaysay… tapos kung gusto mo lipat mo na lng sa blogroll wag na dun sa mga nakahanay na mga reporter, ung whoelse… hindi naman ako reporter eh… hehehe tnx again for listing my name…

oo nga eh!
iba talaga kapag kapamilya!

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