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Tears and Rains

Posted on: August 26, 2006

Just this afternoon, I have caught an episode of ABS-CBN’s Let’s Go! It was entitled “Break Na Tayo!”, well of course, it is all about breaking up and letting go. Was it incidental that the tears both from the characters and from the sky were pouring in? Or does love really pours out when it is let go?

Yesterday, Sa Piling Mo ended with a bang, really a bang, because this might be the last teleserye with Judy Ann-Piolo love team. But more than that, love was witness again in letting go. I am so much in tears when I was watching the last episode of the series. It is one of the shows that really made me so emotional, but yet, so frustrated to find my one eternal love.

But since I haven’t found my eternal love yet, maybe, I wouldn’t have to endure with tears of letting go. But it is always raining hard if your love life is in unfathomable saturation point. Maybe, tears really pour when love makes it rain.


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