How to Blog an Exploding Man?

Monthly Report

Posted on: August 31, 2006

A. Monthly Statistics

The August 2006 monthly statistics have reached an all time high for my blog, I flattened my last month’s announcement of 76 posts. In a peak of 124 hits and the lowest with 36 hits, this is so far the best month of my blog.

Lesson? Promotions and good post is the key!

B. Top Posts

This is the first time that Im going to post this, this section is for the hits per posts. the blogpost, My No. 1’s, is the best post that Ive made. It really lived up for its title, with 348 hits . My review for Sukob and Just My Luck came in No. 2, with 176 hits.

C. Others

I’ve added also added two roll links, ‘A-Power Links’ and ‘Whoelse(Blogroll)’.

A-Power Links is dedicated for the websites that frequesntly visits like ABS-CBN forums

Whoelse (Blogroll) is dedicated for famous bloggers.


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