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Charles’ Reviews: Devil Wears Prada

Posted on: September 2, 2006

Last night, I watched “Devil Wears Prada”, a good choice, over You are the One, since I got a new point of view to hold on.

The Last scene in the movie, where Andy Sach (Anne Hathaway) gave Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) a nod and smile, says everything she wanted to say, ‘Thank you for everything’!

“Thank You” is, for me the greatest word, while Love is the greatest gift of God. Saying “thank you” means a lot, it depends on how you say it. Andy’s way, nonverbal, sends powerful waves of gratefulness, much saying that I can do it now, because you help me do it.

I remember the days, when I am still at PNU-SG, we call our SG President as Madam Jedel, (real name: Delfin Baquiran, yes! he’s gay!). I appreciate the way he handles the Student Government: strict, firm and authority, but he has a heart, he shows us that he cries and he feel weak, but nonetheless, our respect is high. He teached us different things, like having confident to talk to may people, being ‘maboka’, and be a leader

Bu then, there are times that you really need to let go. I feel the need to go out of his cluctches. So I resigned from my post, and be an ordinary student. I did not regret my decision, but everytime I see him, or passing by him, I just can forget the feeling that I appreciate everything that he has done for me. Just a nod and a smile says everything I wanted to say to him, and I know he understands it.

Just being sentimental again.

P.S. = Miranda (Meryl, in one scene,) looks like Martin Buen Cruz.


4 Responses to "Charles’ Reviews: Devil Wears Prada"

hi dear..i so miss reading your blog..2 weeks of not blogging is death for out for my new entry soon..hehe super busy pa ko eh..mwahhh
i ll see you around!!

Streep was awesome in the Devil Wears Prada. I actually saw it twice and I don’t usually like chick flicks.

oh? what scene is that? 😛

hahaha.. Its during the last scene where Miranda is looking for Andy while being surrounded by a lot of reporters

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