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All in one week

Posted on: September 27, 2006

Death Anniversary, Grand Demonstration Teaching, After-MidTerm Examination, Cataract Operation.This is one hell of a week, and I wish I am still alive after this.

2nd Death Anniversary of my Grandfather, Jose Bernal Sr. (+). He died last September 24, 2004. We had a little reunion at the Memorial Park, had a little dinner and party. A different way to celebrate a death anniversary. Here’s some pictures:

Our Grand Demonstration Teaching was held today, September 27, 2006 at Parañaque National High School. After 2 suspension, it finally came! Sa wakas! My topic: Mga Unang Pag-aalsa ng mga Pilipino laban sa mga Kastila. And the judgement: (drumrolls please…) Excellent with much improvements. So, Im ready to into the outside world. Pictures? To follow…

I will be having my After-Midterm Examination (the logic was to have 4 “grading periods” in one semester – – – haggard diba! May Prelims, Mid-Term, After-Midterm and Finals!) That is scheduled this Saturday, September 30, 2006

And my grandmother will be having her cataract operation, at the same schedule as my After-Midterm Exams. Oh, she’ll survive! Its just for cataract, sana nga lang, di siya magkaroon ng complications!


3 Responses to "All in one week"

charles keep on changing your blog layout and it is effin irritating na..i told you naman na i’ll make it for you..anyways you have a flickr account pla..ala lng..

sha, i like to try out other themes naman… pero para sa iyo, i’ll try to stick to this one, unless wordpress produces another one whith much better layout

aus ah…

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