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All in one week

Posted on: September 27, 2006

Death Anniversary, Grand Demonstration Teaching, After-MidTerm Examination, Cataract Operation.This is one hell of a week, and I wish I am still alive after this.

2nd Death Anniversary of my Grandfather, Jose Bernal Sr. (+). He died last September 24, 2004. We had a little reunion at the Memorial Park, had a little dinner and party. A different way to celebrate a death anniversary. Here’s some pictures:

Our Grand Demonstration Teaching was held today, September 27, 2006 at Parañaque National High School. After 2 suspension, it finally came! Sa wakas! My topic: Mga Unang Pag-aalsa ng mga Pilipino laban sa mga Kastila. And the judgement: (drumrolls please…) Excellent with much improvements. So, Im ready to into the outside world. Pictures? To follow…

I will be having my After-Midterm Examination (the logic was to have 4 “grading periods” in one semester – – – haggard diba! May Prelims, Mid-Term, After-Midterm and Finals!) That is scheduled this Saturday, September 30, 2006

And my grandmother will be having her cataract operation, at the same schedule as my After-Midterm Exams. Oh, she’ll survive! Its just for cataract, sana nga lang, di siya magkaroon ng complications!


3 Responses to "All in one week"

charles keep on changing your blog layout and it is effin irritating na..i told you naman na i’ll make it for you..anyways you have a flickr account pla..ala lng..

sha, i like to try out other themes naman… pero para sa iyo, i’ll try to stick to this one, unless wordpress produces another one whith much better layout

aus ah…

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Charles Lemark Viloria is a 20-year old graduate of the Philippine Normal University with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in History. He currently resides at Parañaque City and teaches at Immaculate Heart of Mary College.
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