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10 ways to enjoy your worst weekend

Posted on: October 9, 2006

As I already stated, last weekend was the worst one I ever had. So I’ve listed so 10 things on how to enjoy your worst weekend:

1. SLEEP. I know its too lame, for goodness, wala ka namang magawa sa bahay mo, matulog ka na lang. At least, malamig ang panahon, bagyuhin ka naman eh!

2. CLEAN YOUR BEDROOM. Yup! For the 1st time this year, Ive cleaned my room and my cabinet. Ive also changed the settings of my bed, I actually planned to do that for the semestral break, but that weekend was like forever.

3. READ BOOKS. Again, for the nth time now, I’ve re-read my favorite books, HARRY POTTER SERIES. And this time, Ive read the whole lot of them (Years 1-6) for just 6 days.

4. FINISH YOUR OVERDUE SCHOOL PAPERS. Im almost done with my requirements : Lesson Plans, Class Records, Professional Readings, Journals and Reflections, Case Study (with out the person subjected for the case study), and Portfolio.

5. WATCHING THE FLY ZOOM AROUND YOUR HOUSE. Yes! I’ve actually done that, out of sheer boredom.

6. JOYRIDING. My friend picked me up to go around the city. And we’ve saw devastated cities of Metro Manila, but unfortunately, we didnt have some pictures because our phone and cams are out of charge (re: brownout)

7. CHECKING IN A HOTEL. Well, this we didn’t do. We’re comfortable enough at our house, even if we didnt have electricty.

8. WALK. And walk. And Walk. Until you reach your dead end, and then go back to your house.

9. LISTEN TO THE RADIO. First, I really appreciate the person who invented the radio. Because of him, I’ve enjoyed some of the dull moments that I have. Currently listening to 90.7 Love Radio

10. ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS ABOUT ELECTRICITY. I keep on asking them kung ano na ang balita sa kuryente, kung kelan ba magkakaroon, kung may pumunta na ba na MERALCO, o kung hanggang saan na ang mayroong kuryente.

Grabe. Ayaw ko nang magkaroon ng ganung katagal na brownout. And without TV and Internet, its like I do not have any connection to the outside world.

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