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October Birthdays!

Posted on: October 12, 2006

Three of my friend and a cousin celebrated their birthday last October 10, and my Tita celebrates her birthday today.

Christian Urita – Our Batch 2003 High School Valedectoria, who also happens to be my closes male friend. He turned 20 this year and will be having a celebration on Friday (Oct 13, 2006) on Mayrics España.

RoxanneFonacier – My classmate of 3 years in PNU! I dont know if she had a celebration last Tuesday. She turned 19 this year

Noel Carlo Bernal – My cousin, siya yung sinundan ko sa magpipinsan. He turned 25 this year and I will be 20, a difference of 5 years. He celebrated his birthday with his long-time fiance of 6 years.

Norman Roquios – My classmate back in second year in High School.

Elisa Oreiro – my Tita who celebrates her birthday TODAY. Instead of me giving her a gift, she gave me a jacket from Girbaud! Astig diba! She turns 40 this year.

So Happy Birthday to all!

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