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Random Thoughts 2

Posted on: October 16, 2006

I went to PNU today, passed my portfolio, and so glad that this term will be over! Now, I call call myself a certified graduating student. Just one semester to go, and I’m off to the real world.


Ngayon pa lang naghahanap na ako ng Unibersidad na pwedeng pasukan for M.A. Pwede pa naman akong bumalik ng PNU, pero iba ang gusto kong kong pasukan for my masteral. Back to square one na naman ako sa paghahanap ng Unibersidad. UP? La Salle?


Kapag bakasyon na, todo-relax ako, todo pataba na naman. PROMISE!


I feel very guilty when having the pleasure of eating.Iniisip kong gusto kong magpapayat, pero I just can’t somehow do it. Why? Current Mood: Desperate.


Sana wala nang Budget Cut ang mga SUCs. Kawawa naman ang mga iskolar ng bayan.


As a senior, it’s normal to have a busy social calendar. But amidst all the teaching demonstrations and club activities, I’m happy that I have my friends with me. Nothing beats great time and great company.


October 24 is a non-working regular holiday. Well, that sucks, since its already semestral break. Anyway, Happy Ramadan?


Sobrang laki na ng eyebag ko, dahil sa kaka-chat. Grabe, puyatan talaga ang ginagawa. BTW, these days, I’m online from 8pm upto 3am.


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Charles Lemark Viloria is a 20-year old graduate of the Philippine Normal University with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in History. He currently resides at Parañaque City and teaches at Immaculate Heart of Mary College.
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