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Mirror of Erised

Posted on: October 18, 2006

Im not doing anything today, since our semestral break officially started yesterday. So, I was re-reading for the nth time HarryPotter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and I was just about to finish the chapter 12 – The Mirror of Erised, when a thought came to

According to the book, Mirror of Erised shows not our face but our heart’s desire. I have posted once, about this same topic that I have asked myself, what are my heart’s desire?

And now I can answer my own question. After many musings the fortnight, after a long conference chat with some friends over the internet, I concluded what I really wanted.

1. Family. Of course, anybody wants to have his/her family. Its just how to start one. I came from a broken family, so I knowhow hard to have a family that stick together. I am not afraid to have a family, but I am afraid if I can have a family.

2. Love. It just so hard to find one’s true love. I’ve got this friend since I was in High School who changes her boyfriend every school year. I mean, how could that be true love if they dont stick to each other. I also got this friend who always say “I Love You” to his propect, but then without any conviction. But when I asked him if he is true to what he says, he said he is really in love. I didnt asked anybody why they are in love, because I believe that Love is Unexplainable, or its not Love.

3. Career. I was thinking of this since I became college. Can I find a school that would accept me to teach. But I am sure of my capabilities as a teacher.

2 Responses to "Mirror of Erised"

ehh..hello!..well..i read your blog..and i came up reading this Mirror of Erised..and yeah..i feel the same 15 turning 16 this december..

im hoping to get a Family,my Love and my career intact in the future..well for now..all i can say is i have a loving family…but in the love part..i just lost my girlfriend of 4 years..just last the career still wondering what to take in college once i graduate next year..cos im 4th year highschool from all i think..i just wanna comment on ur blog..that similar people are experiencing what u are experiencing or wondering..i believe that you become complete have these three important things in a persons life..FAMILY,LOVE AND CAREER..thank you and Godbless!..u can email me if u want..=)

Hello Junji!

Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on it. I want to recommend to you to read my post entitled “Comparisons”, and see if other people are experiencing what i went through… hehehe

Anyway, good luck and God bless sa family, career mo at syempre sa lovelife mo!

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