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Poverty (part 1)

Posted on: October 19, 2006

Last night, I was channel surfing and I came to stumble in a documetary show, Frontlines, hosted by Ed Lingao in ABC-5. The issue last night was “The Poverty Line of the Government”, I became interested in topic, so I watched.

First, what is poverty? Poverty can be defined more generally as a state of want in relation to a social standard. Easily, poverty is a situation below a social standard.

Now what social standard are we talking about? A government report states the poverty line in Php 36.00/day. It simply means, that if a person has Php36/day for food, then he is not considered as poor. It also means, that a person buy food with Php 12/meal. Another US/UN report states that if a person has $1/day, or $31/month, then one is above the poverty standard.

Look at this pictures, would they suffice with Php 36/day? Can the kid enroll in a decent school with P36/day. Would the elder have her medicine with 36/day? No. The government should not look at their computation, rather look at what is happening is the real world. The Philippine needs more than their computation.

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