How to Blog an Exploding Man?

Emerging from my Haitus

Posted on: October 23, 2006

Nope, it’s not like I have nothing to say nor I got tired of writing. In fact, my head is so brimming with thoughts that my fingers can’t keep up with them already.

My stalker tendencies are at it again! Shucks. Last time I did this was back in high school – and that was a long time ago already hahaha! But you know what? It’s been such a long time since I felt giddy like a schoolboy. I think I’m pretty much entitled to this as much as any other male in the planet, single or otherwise.

It sucks big time that we don’t have internet for a week in our place, be it DSL, cable or even crummy dialup. Rats! And it’s been two weeks already since the scary typhoon that uprooted our huge mango tree in the backyard. And so I guess that leaves me free to enjoy a marathon of Let’s Go later as I don’t think I’m fit to go to the gym since I have a stuffy nose and a really sore throat.


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