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Poverty (Part 3): Corruption of the Young

Posted on: October 27, 2006

In my quest to define poverty, this is the third, and hopefully the last, installment of my Poverty series (Part 1, Part 2).

I was going home from my enrollment today, when 4 boys about the age of 10-11, jumped to the jeepney from nowhere. I noticed that they were selling peanuts, wearing dirty old rugged clothes and no footwears of any kind.

They were talking about something they stole, a cigarette lighter, and then suddenly, shifted, teasing, about their “manoys”. Okay, okay, reproductive organ, their penises.

“si jose, sa sobrang liit ng titi, daliri na niya yung jinajakol niya” “kinakantot nga niya yung pusa nila” “parang kasing liit ng titi ng baby yung titi ni RJ”

Yeah, they seem very offensive to be posted, but I wanted to give an insight to this behavior. As a teacher, I am crushed with this personality behavior. Clearly, from their physical look and actions, they are poor. Social status, here, plays an important factor in developing the young.

Dr. Jose P. Rizal stated, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” . Of course, this is so used qoutation. But still, true to its meaning. These young people are poor from inside. They are corrupted. Mostly would say, corrupted mind. But, I believe that theyre minds are not corrupted, its their personality.

From our sociology class, if I’m mistaken, it is the society that dictates what the young would be. If the child grew in a good environment, then the child would be well-educated and well-groomed, and vice-versa. If the society dictates, then the products (kids) follows the society. It will be also true, that the products of the society will continue what they have learned from their own society, and transfer to the next generation. The process would then repeat, and then repeat, until it is broken by a social change. The social change here, refers to the corruption itself.

Indeed, corruption of the young is corruption in its fullest form.


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