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ABS-CBN Numero Uno (2)

Posted on: October 29, 2006

Just want to share this wonderful article written by Darwin G. Amojelar of the Manila Times.

ABS-CBN leads GMA 7 in viewership share

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. leads the nationwide television viewership share against rival GMA Network Inc., according to AGB Nielsen Media Research (Philippines) nationwide survey released Thursday.

The AGB Nielsen’s first nationwide urban television audience measurement (NUTAM) shows that ABS-CBN’s 43-percent viewership share put the company ahead of rival GMA Networks Inc., which garnered 35.2-percent rating, during the survey period October 8 to October 13.

NUTAM is an expansion of the current AGBNMR panel installation in Metro Manila homes. Using the on-line “peoplemeter,” it provides a total picture of television viewership in the entire Philippines through 24-hour monitoring of the panel homes.

A total of 1,500 panel homes will represent a universe of 7.26 million national urban TV homes from the following areas: North and Central Luzon with 300 homes; Metro Manila, 400 homes; South Luzon, 300 homes; Visayas, 300, homes; and Mindanao, 200 homes.

The survey also disclosed that ABS-CBN led audience rating in North and Central Luzon with 40 percent; Visayas, 57.3 percent; Mindanao, 62.2 percent; Metro Cebu, 55.2 percent; Metro Davao, 57.7 percent; and Iloilo with 50.6 percent.

On the other hand, GMA led in areas in Metro Manila, with 40.6 percent compared to ABS 35.2 percent and in Southern Luzon of 38.3 percent versus rival’s 35.2 percent.

Maya Reforma, AGBNMR (Philippines) general manager, explained that the expansion provides comprehensive and relevant high-quality data for business and nation building and strengthens the Philippines’ development surge.

The AGB Nielsen said Luzon registered the highest TV ownership at 92 percent and cable ownership at 23 percent.

The survey also shows that the Visayas has the largest chunk of class E at 29 percent and the most number of homes with children at 64 percent, with Mindanao hugging has the largest chunk of class D at 60 percent and the most number of families.

Source: The Manila Times, October 27, 2006

and this video:


8 Responses to "ABS-CBN Numero Uno (2)"

talaga naman… sang sulok ng mundo..

sinabi mo pa peter…
the best talaga ang abs-cbn!

Stupid survey,
Obviously, the survey shows how decadent the intelligence of the Filipino viewership is.
If a low quality station like GMA-7 is beaten in the ratings by a much lower quality station like ABS-CBN, then that would probably mean majority of viewers are half-wits: MGA TANGA!
Wowowee??? C’mon, noon-time show ba ito?! It stretches all the way to 3 o’clock in the afternoon!!! Stupid ang show, stupid ang games, tama bang bawat choice sa mga questions may 5 second dance number na nagtatapos sa mga nagtitiliang mga babaeng daig pa mga bakla sa gay pageant.
Pedro Pendukoo? sino ba yung kulot na yun? Wag naman sana ma-degrade ang kuwento ni Pedro Penduko dahil sa isang clueless na actor.
Pinoy Big Brother/Pinoy Dream Academy – Ang layo ng format ng PBB sa original from abroad, lam mo naman tayong pinoy mahilig sa iskandalo. Big Brother is filled with scandals like soft-porn quality romance that made the franchise famous. PBB, on the other hand, tries to conform with the Philippine’s more conservative norms…Unfortunately, PBB sucked as the producers proceeded to go for a mini-games approach.
PDA, on the other hand, is ABS-CBN’s answer to ABC 5’s ‘Philippine Idol’. The difference: Philippine Idol is focused more on the singing talents of its contestants, thanks to the strict and rigorous guidance of Ryan Cayabyab, while PDA focuses more on looks as talent takes a backseat with mediocre dance routines and karaoke level songs. PDA fans are obviously the same people voting off the very talented contestants at PI and leaving the ‘pa-guwapo’ and ‘pa-cute’ contestants unopposed.
But either way, it’s ABS-CBN’s ‘pa-simple’ way of filling up their declining roster of so-called ‘Talents’.
Ganito lang yun eh, Big Brother contestants go home rich while PINOY Big Brother contestants end up making fools of themselves in a station like ABS-CBN.
This is not without saying GMA-7 is filled with crap as well:
-Nonsense shows like “SIS!”
-News anchors who deliver themselves more than the news itself like Mike “ILONG” Enriquez and Arnold “Mongoloid” Clavio.
-Starstruck!!! no-talent, pa-pogi show as evidenced by the likes of Rainier Castillo.
-Fantaseryes: Nothing more but special effects driven eye-candies. Same plot, different settings, different actors/actresses. ABS-CBN gumaya uli, but their special effects are sub-standard, to say the least.
Oh well, sarap sana tangkilikin ang pinoy TV, pero sana man lang, pataasin na ang quality.
“Stupid remains stupid if inspired by stupidity”

PDA is not a paguwapo contest. even the talented yeng is now on probation dahil pumalya siya in one way or another during her last saturday performance. re the ABS-CBN rating – i also believe it is the most viewed tv station in the philippines dahil talented ang mga artista at very Filipino ang dating. Not much pretentions, unlike GMA where it seems to be pasosyal and pacute… in our place ABS is number one. ABS is not revenue concious, reason why they stick with KBP where dapat may limit ang number of ads. GMA is commercial laden kaya sarificed ang contents nila.

PDA is a source of original talents; song writing is one – take hawak kamay, hilot and tuesday. Kaya yeng is far more known kahit sa mga bata as compared to any idol contestants.

PDA contestant are groomed to be total performers – not just in “birits” kong saan marami sa idol.

hello, bloghopping lang.

ayoko patulan si QSDRX. Marami ako masasabi pag nagkataon. Baka may away pa. ahihihi. Peace QSDRX!

Basta ako, I watch programs na na-eentertain ako. And most of them (if not all — excluding cable) come from ABS.

bsta im stiil watchning for the network whom im vey njoy,and make my day so beautyful, not contented if cant watch the SHOW OF ABS-CBN…dats how im vry suportv to abs cbn…no.ABS-CBN…..da bst

suya lang ka..ka pangit sa gma..hambog..galot..

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