How to Blog an Exploding Man?

Monthly Report

Posted on: November 11, 2006

It has been two months since I’ve last given monthly report on my blog. So its here:

A. Statistics:

  • My best post during the last two months were:
  1. Isang Bandila – Got 7 comments and its highest hits of 46. The MP3 has been downloaded 54 times.
  2. Facing the Dragons & Excuse Me for the Word – Got 4 comments each and hits of 34 and 39 respectively.
  • This blog got a total of 6,453 hits since I activated it.

B. Posts:

C. Sidebar:

  • Finally, my blog is now a member of different blog referral and blog statistics, as you can see at my sidebar
  • Cleansed out some link na hindi gumagana, like other blogs na wala namang updates
  • Added some blogs which I find interesting

D. Categories:

  • Deleted the category “Travel, Food& Drink” and “Kapamilya Corner”
  • Renamed “All My Life” to “Charles’ Notebook

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