How to Blog an Exploding Man?


Posted on: November 23, 2006




Birthday once again. NOVEMBER 23. wow! It feels different when your on your 20’s now.

I just celebrated my 20th year with simple treat to my classmates and a movie for my friend, Christian. I saw James Bond: Casino Royale last night at SM North EDSA. (I’ll have my review on that later). Also, I have tried McDonald’s McRice Beef Burger, just for a test.

Plans for the 2oth birthday? Hmmm…


  1. Graduate from College (and with a Silver Medal – for Cum Laude, if possible!)
  2. Get a job in a decent school (with a decent pay)
  3. Have my own car (or if possible, a House and Lot)
  4. Start saving money at the bank. (Already done today!)


That’s all for now… I think I heard someone asking for my love life… Well, the answer is that its not the right time to have a relationship, I just want to settle things down for a moment, before I start a relationship.

That’s all, I’ve said my piece about my birthday.


2 Responses to "Birthday"

happy birthday! good luck sa mga pangarap 🙂

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