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Job Hunting

Posted on: December 3, 2006

March is approaching, and so is the graduation. It is every serious student’s goal, to march with the graduation theme, and recieve his/her diploma. And I definetely want that, with or without a medal.

Anyway, after graduation, you are expected to land a job. But not everyone canfind a job, especially if your not in honor’s list. So, this early, I’ve started handing out my resumes and biodata; some would say, I’m too agitated and nagmamarunong, but I just wanted to secure a teaching post, even if its these early.

Yesterday, I’ve made a shortlist of schools that I want to apply, but Ialso have the list of all schools in Parañaque City and Las Piñas City. These schools require personal appearance and a demonstation teaching, which I think, modesty aside, I can pull off easily. What comes to me as the most unpleasant is the interview portion.

  • Lycee D’ Regis Marie (my High School Alma Mater)
  • St. Andrew’s College (Mercury spill accident last September)
  • St. James College
  • Soutville International School
  • Southridge International School (Exclusive for Boys school)
  • Veritas Parochial School
  • Olivarez College
  • International Christian Academy
  • Elizabeth Seton Academy
  • Davidsville Academy
  • St. Mark’s Institute

I also registered in Job Search engines over the net, like JobsOnline, TobJobs, JobStreet, and UP Job Search. I just hope that my applications would return with good results, mind you, I have sent atleast 20 applications already in the net. Most of the job offerings at the job search engines, for the field of education is all about teaching English to Koreans. Well, I would’nt mind teaching them, but for God’s Sake, I hope they know at least some basic words. I’m not expert in english, but I am busy now, having some online discussions at Learn English Forums.

I also had my contacts to forge me some links with schools, like my paternal granmother who has a friend that owns a school. Also, my college professor says she will recommend me to her former employer, who is in dying need for some teachers.

Anyway, if you have any recommendation or knew schools that needs some teachers, I am here!

2 Responses to "Job Hunting"

ok yan dude 🙂 goodluck on ur job hunting!

uy ok yan… dapat talaga as early as today or at least january magstart na ng job hunting kasi pag lumaon mahihirapan ka na and you will end up with what call center? gusto mo ba nun? sayang naman ang pagiging history major mo kung magkakaganoon right?

daming schools na gustong aplayan ha! btw, may kaibigan/kaklase ako sa southridge alabang… gud luck sa iyong job hunting…

soon… magpopost ng tungkol sa job hunting 101 (?)… hehehe… abangan! joke

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