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First Day of Christmas Vacation

Posted on: December 20, 2006

Christmas is really fast approaching. Yesterday was the 1st day of our Christmas Vacation, and until the 2nd of January, I will have a merry Christmas.

Anyway, yesterday I went to 2 schools, Lycee D Regis Marie and PAREF-Southridge International School, to apply for a position in their faculty. LDRM, my High School Alma Mater, greeted me enthusiastically as they are badly in need for a Social Science faculty member. Of course, I’m still a candidate for this position, but I am sure that I am a strong candidate.

The second school is PAREF-Southridge International School, in Alabang, Muntinlupa. Southridge is an all-boys exclusive school that caters for rich or foreign students. Their faculty is also consisted of an-all male faculty, so I’m very qualified for the position. I went there yesterday expecting for an interview, but they are all busy for their faculty Christmas Party, so they will just call me next year.

So, that’s 2 out of 10 schools. Next year, I’ll give more time for job application, but of course, my studies comes in first.

2 Responses to "First Day of Christmas Vacation"

wow! vacation na kayo… kami sa friday pa! may company shutdown kami so definitely no work no pay un! jan 2 din ang balik namin!

regarding naman dun sa bakekang… ung scene sa mmda waiting shed… ung time na un… kaya sinabi ni charming na lucresia siya kasi nahypnotize na siya ni lotlot before mangyari iyon… wala namang problema sa pag-hypnotize… ang problema… meron pa din bang ganun sa mga panahong ito… ka-b-o-b-o talaga ang bakekang na iyan… minsanan na nga lang manood din ang mommy ko… hawak nya kasi ung remote… tsaka nagtagal na naman ung story… naiba ba… iisa lang ang masasabi ko… bwahahhaa….

I also got wonderful Christmas vacations with my family.. sometime we spend it to other countries and visit beautiful beaches.. I consider also philippine beaches.. hope to have more time to take a vacation there.. you got a nice blog.. you made me remember of my Christmas Vacation.

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