How to Blog an Exploding Man?

italk2much review

Posted on: December 28, 2006

The following post is the review of italk2much website of my blog:

Not sure why the blog is called “charleslemark” when the guy’s name is Charles Viloria. *shrug* Eh. Who cares. I’ve seen worse random things.

Apparently he’s been blogging for a year now, and he’s made it so that every blog post he’s ever written is available on another page. Yeah. That’s called an “archive” dufus.

Damn is this guy boring. Posts about news from the Philippines, YouTube videos, and some other random stuff. The topics would be fine if the guy could write with some shred of personality. This blog is so completely devoid of personality, a mannequin could have written it (and done better). Booooooring. What an anticlimactic way to end this set of reviews. Winter hibernation sounds like a swell idea right about now.


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