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Remembering 2006

Posted on: December 29, 2006

I got the idea from an acquaintance of mine in the cyberzone, Rex, whose blog is in here.

For this post, the things I will be referring to are all hobbies, events or trends (not necessarily new) that if encountered years from now, will automatically remind me of 2006. You will notice that some are very same, as I feel that they deserved to be in the list.

10. Philippine Idol / Pinoy Dream Academy. 2006 saw an upsurge of talents. From past years’ Star In a Million, Search for the Star and Star for a Night (P.S. Pinoy Pop Supestar is not qualified as a talent show.), a new breed of talents have emerge. Welcome to Mau Marcelo and Yeng Constantino.

9. Watching movies — alone. My sanctuary is the movie house, especially Gateway Cineplex and SM Sucat MovieTime. I have watched less than a dozen movies – from teeny poppy (Cars, Just Got Lucky, My Super Ex-Girlfriend), to a more serious type (Devil Wears Prada), to hit blockbusters (Sukob, Da Vinci Code, X3, Casino Royale)

8. Koreans and Chinese. They are invading our country. From TV Series, to Music, and now, the academe. Orientals are getting mixed with people. Anyway, who doesnt love their TV Series. My Girl? Princess Hours? It Started with a Kiss?

7. Job Hunting. This year, I started to find a job that will cater my education. I went from my old High School Alma Mater to some international schools. Youll find a more detailed account here and here.

6. HEROES. Heroes. Heroes. Heroes. Heroes. and Heroes. Catch it here. and here. and here. oh! I also have talked about Heroes here.

5. Teleserye. Quality shows for the people. Gulong ng Palad. Sa Piling Mo. Bituing Walang Ningning. Maging Sino Ka Man. All from the Kapamilya Network, ABS-CBN.

4. Practicum. The best semester I had was the 1st Semester of SY 06-07. I had my practicum at PNHS. I love my students. And I love teaching.

3. Forums. I cant believe people can get so much friends over the internet, where one would use a username, and the other side of his personality is clearly hidden. But that is the situation when I joined ABS-CBN Forums and other forums (PEx, Planet Threadster). Anyway, I got to thank them for being my friends.

2. Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game. Check us out at our Fantasy Game here. From Season 3 to the All Star Season. We are rockin’!

1. Blogs. I cant believe that I let my boring life got wasted for years, when I have blogged the years off. Ah! I just cant resist not to blog. This is my sanctuary. This the place where I can express my idea. And I can read other’s thoughts on politics, news, entertainment.

A part of my year-ender special.


1 Response to "Remembering 2006"

kamusta naman… may blog ka pala hehe… nakita ko sa google nung hinanap ko ang regis marie… mukhang di na updated ito…

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