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PBBFG Season 5

Posted on: January 2, 2007

For 100 days, complete strangers network to play as Virtual Housemates (VHs) and to form a small community online. BigBad Kuya (BBK) monitors VHs’ activities, online journals, Friendster accounts, blogs, personal websites etc. VHs and BBK communicate mainly through the Internet. All information and matters discussed during the game can be used in the game. Posted in this blog, the game’s Virtual House (vHouse) are VHs’ activities. Anyone can visit vHouse. Readers/visitors may leave comments on the VHs and on the game however VHs cannot reply on them, discuss the issues among themselves or justify their actions in the blog. The nomination process evicts people from the Virtual House.

Audition for PBBFG Season 5 is now open.

To anyone who are interested, please send a message to, or send a message via private message to this Friendster Account, or thru the PBBFG Message Board.

Be a part of the virtual world. Register na!


2 Responses to "PBBFG Season 5"


happy new year =)

Yeahbah! Cge lang, ating galingan ang publicity! hehehe… Take care! ;p

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