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Random Thoughts 3

Posted on: January 23, 2007

Last Monday, the 19th State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association will open. Philippine Normal University will host the said event this year.


I have so many things to do this semester, all academic requirements are to be submitted before February 14th. That’s our diploma at stake.


LDRM and Southridge International School still hasn’t called me at home for a demonstration teaching. Maybe, I’ll consider some more schools to apply.


PBBFG Season 5 will start its newest season this coming Saturday, 27th of January 2007. I hope the new batch of virtual housemates will make it thru.


Election calendar is now on full swing. Sana naman, ang mga kakandidato sa mga posisyon sa gobyerno ay matitino. Sana walang mangyaring dayaan din.


It is the sixth anniversary of EDSA Dos. Pero walang celebration this year. I think the people have learned from the mistakes of the past. We must all realize that not all uprisings/revolutions have done us good.


ABS-CBN is doing good in the ratings war this year. Hope it will keep up! Go, ABS-CBN!


We have so many requirements to do, so my writing hand is hurting a lot from the stresses of writing and typing.

1 Response to "Random Thoughts 3"

(regarding my entry) yes! it is very alarming in deed! di ba? as in pinakialaman nila ung history ng Pilipinas! mga walang utak na mga writers ng gme… kaya siguro pababa ng pababa ung ratings nito at consistent sa pagbaba… hahahaha…! oi, good luck sa mga requirements mo ha… sana matapos mo din on time!

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