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Charles’ Reviews: Asian Treasure’s Historical Deception

Posted on: January 28, 2007

I am very concerned about the historical spin-off that GMA had put on their show Asian Treasures, especially that concerns with the distortion of some of the important facts in the Philippine History. However, these observations are based only on the premier episode of the said show. More of them, I am sure, will come out later as the show progresses.


1. The 10 datus had taken the gold they collected and hid them with a powerful medallion.

2. The groups calling themselves KKK or the Kapatirang Kumakalinga ng Kayamanan, and Sudama are obviously created.

4. Andres Bonifacio was not a member of KKK, or Kapatirang Kumakalinga ng Kayamanan. However, contrary to popular beliefs, there were two founders of Katipunan, the other was Diodato Arellano, who died before the revolution started.

5. Dr. Jose Rizal is not also a member of Kapatiran.


1. They are correct in saying that there were really ten (10) datus that came from Borneo, that established themselves somewhere in Zamboanga Peninsula and the rest of the Mindanao.

I had watched a glimpse of one episode where Angel, Marvin and Robin went to Rizal Shrine in Calamba and stole all of Dr. Rizal’s shoes. Who the hell would believe that? Not one pair of Dr. Rizal’s original shoes were placed in that shrine, together with all furnitures and painting in the shrine, they are all mere replica of the original. Please, be realistic. If you want the original shoes, go to the National Archives or to the National Historical Institute.

My friend, Yatot, also had some says about this series:

Bakit nila pinaghalo ang facts sa fictions? Hindi ba alam ng gma7 na madami-dami ding mga fans sina Robin Padilla at Angel Locsin na mga bata at nag-aaral pa?!? What kind of media practitioner is gma7 by the way? They are putting a factual error to the minds of children! Are they trying to be “Da Vinci Code”-like series? Hahahaha… nice try! But I think, the “Da Vinci Code” has its facts all supported with factual evidence and documents… so hindi ko masisisi ang writer ng “The Da Vince Code” kung ilagay nya ang mga ganun sa book nya…But what is the point here? The point is… they (gma7) should not lay an alternative factual event to the actual facts! gma7 should have supporting evidence or documents regarding this story… It is true that there are 10 Bornean Datus that came here in a balangay, I have learned that from elementary; but for the children’s sake, lagyan ba ng mga kakaibang plot ang pagdating nilang iyon? And isama pa sina Andres Bonifacio at Jose Rizal sa mga ganitong kalokohan! I know Rizal was very much different from Bonifacio because the former only fought with his pen unlike with the latter! And you called that CREATIVE WRITING huh? And oh, where’s the originality by the way?

I still say, whatever the comments and opinions of others will be, that Asian Treasures is the ultimate spin-off story tragedy in the history of Philippine television!

This show should get a review from the National Historical Institute for distorting the history. GMA Network should realize that mass media, especially the televisions, have huge impact on children. What if some children watched this, and mis-understood what was real history to pure fantasy? Our people’s nationalistic and historical senses are alarmingly low without the help of the show’s alteration of the Philippine History.

I made this blogpost, not to disgrace the show or the producers or GMA Network. I am a concerned history teacher. We should all respect history, not because it is history, but because that is where we came from.

13 Responses to "Charles’ Reviews: Asian Treasure’s Historical Deception"

yeah right… i agree..

it’s very alarming.. sana nagresearch muna sila bago gumawa ng script.. at sana, nasa MAHIWAGANG BAUL na lang yun at wala sa primetime.. daming batang maapektuhan.. hehe, concern lang din ako..

link added..

@richard.. thanks for the link… and thanks for the concern about the historical inaccuracies that Asian Treasure had.

well, what can i say, i dont watch the show because, erm, i dont like the idea, hehe. ive never been a history afficionado myself. while i may appreciate the likes of The Da Vinci Code or National Treasure, i wont fall for the crappy media-hyped production of GMA 7. (ayan tuloy, halatang biased ako, hehe!).

i would probably watch this for Robin or Eddie Garcia, but not Angel, she is totally over-rated.

as for the historical discrepancy, well, dapat nga siguro, the history institutions should call GMA’s attention.

uy, thank you for putting me here in your post… tama nga yan! spread the word… kailangang malaman ng tao ang pinaggagagawa ng gma7… binababoy nila ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas! it’s true that we have nothing against gma7… in fact kahit solid kapamilya ako, nanunuod pa rin ako sa kabila kahit papaano… but this time gma7 has reached my limit! they will certainly do everything just to have higher ratings… but of course, this is not all about ratings anymore, it’s all about responsible media practice! thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

magnetron@dis yucky syt owner cno ba d owner of this cheap bulok este blogsyt? could you please stop blogging? sobrang panget nitong syt mo. MGA KAPAMILYA PATAY GUTOM! KAPUSO NUMERO UNO LOYAL SERVANT NYO AKO FOREVER! ALLOWANCE KO HUH?

Kapamilya ako eh… ๐Ÿ™‚

And they’re doing it in Indiana Jones and Lara Croft costumes too. Distortions and ripoffs. ๐Ÿ˜›

lol. And the fanboys deleted the “costume controversy” of Super Twins.

As long as they emphasize at the start of the show that Asian Treasures is all about fiction, then the children will be safe from misinformation. Otherwise, they should seriously think of something before every kid in town believe their fantasy.

I haven’t watched Asian Treasures yet since I rather watch a kiddie show like Super Inggo and reminisce my original childhood super heroes ๐Ÿ˜€ Original pa story. ๐Ÿ˜›

BTW, link exchange? :~)

@jepoy… ex-links? sure! i’ve already put you on my “must read” links…

thanks.. i’ll place yours on my blog when I get home ๐Ÿ˜›

@jepoy.. cool! thnks!

FYI, the da vinci code was also pure fiction. Yes, the said book had some semi-facts to it, which is the same I could say for the show Asian treasures. Relax, the show is purely entertainment and is not meant to educate children on asian history. While I understand your concerns, let’s not go overboard by mentioning the National Historical Institute to do a review on the said show for accuracy. Of course, the facts are distorted hence the show is fiction. Facts needs to be distorted in this type of show for the purpose of entertainment. So, please don’t get all hyped up just because the show decided to change some facts. As for originality, the show has influences from indiana jones, lara craft, etc….so of course it’s not original. I mean what show or movie is purely original?
So, please spare me the lecture on Asian History and how this show distorted the facts in such an “alarmingly state” that could have potential impacts on the minds on children watching the show. If this was such a concern then all the kids show should be banned or criticized for its imagery and its fantasy theme. Historical facts are primarily learned in school and history books, and
in few tv shows similar to discovery channel or history channel. Enough said.

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