How to Blog an Exploding Man?

Kain sa Tabi

Posted on: February 3, 2007

I do not have any good topic to blog about today, so I think I’dd go with foods. I love eating, specially, if the food is so delicious! Aminin mo man o sa hindi, masarap talagang kumain.

During lunch breaks, we usually eat outside of our school. There’s this place, SanMar, aptly named from the street name San Marcelino St., located at the back of our school which has rows of carenderia and computer shops. Prices are very low, that one can eat a decent meal for P15.00 – one order of rice and half-a-order of vegetable viand (personally, that meal wont work for me.) SanMar serves 3 different schools (PNU, TUP, Adamson) and different commercial establishments.

We have breaks after 2 class periods, so aside from doing additional readings, researches or doing our forgotten assignments, break period also means recess. A typical meal for me: softdrink, pancit, hotdog sandwich, turon and a mango juice (dami noh!?!)


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