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A Life of a Graduating Student

Posted on: February 8, 2007

It is really hard to keep up with the daily requirement for my subjects. And since I am a graduating student, I dont have the time to have the leisure of not doing them, which I am used to for 4 years in college. Iba kasi ang pakiramdam ng gra-graduate na, parang ayaw mong magkamali sa mga bagay, dahil sa isang pagkakamali, maaaring mawala ang diploma na pinakahahangad.

Remember when I had talked about my thesis in this blog, I thought that was the hardest part of being a college student. Well, I’m wrong. First of them, my professor is hurrying us up with our requirement for her subject: the Academic Budget Plantilla, which is a kind of Lesson Plan but covers all the topics of the book. This requirement eats up almost 50% of my free and study time each day.

Second, my non-sense, stupid and forgetful professor in Professional Ethics requires us to read and MEMORIZE 10 or more laws about educatio,n students, and teachers.

Third, my World Literature’s novel critic on Animal Farm will due next Tuesday, and i am the first one to report (my gosh!)

Fourth, our one-sided, closed-minded professor on Religion cooks our class every single class meeting, emphasizing our lack of critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Maybe after all the hardships, maybe I’ll start to light a cigarette for myself (currently I dont smoke)

Anyway, the Graduation Ball is coming nearer and nearer on the 24th of February, and I still dont have a suit to use. Of course, I need to be presentable if I’m going in the Manila Hotel .

Still on, our LET REVIEW class is scheduled on the 5th of March until the 25th. The PNU YearBook Launching will be on the 24th of March (Na-alala ko tuloy yung gulo na pinasok namin sa Pictorial nung yearbook na yan last May.)

Schedules to be finalize yet are those of the Torch Ceremony and the Graduation itself.

Wow, kapagod talaga nag buhay graduating! hahaha!

1 Response to "A Life of a Graduating Student"

magandang araw sa iyo Keiwaner!!! May official statement na si K1 sa nagaganap na gap nila ni PWS.. see

Sana may CBOX ka para madaling mag post sa iyo.

YM ko yan… add mo…

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