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Graduation Ball

Posted on: February 28, 2007

Last Saturday, I attended the 2007 Blue and Gold Bash, also called the Graduation Ball. It would be a fun night if the whole class attended the ball, but only 111 of my classmates were there. Anyway, here’s the pictures:

Classmates Roxanne Fonacier, John Robert Blas and Jocelyn Javier

Waiting for our other classmates outside of the hotel, Edward Rico and Esperanza Sandoval.

Roxanne Fonacier arrived minutes before we entered the lobby

At the lobby of Manila Hotel

Jocelyn Javier poses at the lobby

The Ball started around 7pm, with the usual boring speeches from the University President, Atty. Lutgardo Barbo, and others who made the first part of it as boring as ever.

The Seniors Committee presented a video that showcases the highlights of the Batch 2007, accompanying the video is “The Journey” by Lea Salonga. Nostalgia came back to me during the video presentation.

Anyway, the food is good, but wait for my food review next time.

2 Responses to "Graduation Ball"

wow! buti pa kayo sa manila hotel ginanap ung graduation ball… kami sa isang masikip lang na place sa loob ng intramuros na hindi ko na matandaan kung ano ang name ng place… tapos ang food naman ay kaunti lang at hindi ata na-accomodate lahat ng dumalo… in short kulang ang food! tapos ang kaunti pa ng servings… buti pa kayo maganda ang venue nyo! malamang masarap ang pagkain dyan kasi manila hotel!

aw! gradball! buti ka pa ga-graduate na! hehe

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