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Last Academic Day

Posted on: March 9, 2007

February 28, 2007 was our official last day for Academic Affairs. Syempre, nag-enjoy kami, with some photos, rushing their last academic requirement, the Academic Budget Plantilla. It was also the day for our last final examination – after tedious reviews and academic revisions.

My Group’s Academic Budget Plantilla. Our plantilla was the thickest, most colorful and comprehensive plantilla that was produced by our class.

Since, I have planned our group’s time table, we didn’t have to hurry with the final touches except for the printing and compiling. But, my classmates need to hurry up with their outputs – they’re not doing proper time management. Anyway, here’s the picture when they are rushing up their project.

Esperanza Sandoval drawing some sketches in her Plantilla

Group planning with Dillon Gonzales, Camille Gatchalian, Danifel Osia and Roxanne Fonacier

Hershey Ignacio, while copying my plantilla’s front page

Reviewing for the final examination – Arvy Ajido and Jocelyn Javier – while Alexis and Jennifer’s just sitting down

Update: I just recieved my grades from our professors

Curriculum Development – no grade yet; History of Religion – 82; Issues in Philippine History – 93; Masterworks in World Literature – 90; Professional Ethics – 86; Rizal at mga Bayani – 88


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