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Araw Natin ‘To, Kapamilya!

Posted on: April 4, 2007

ABS-CBN is really known for its superb station IDs. And for Summer 2007, ABS-CBN introduces its newest station ID. Well, all I can say is that Araw Natin ‘To, Kapamilya!

Enjoy watching!


12 Responses to "Araw Natin ‘To, Kapamilya!"

oo nga! araw nga natin toh! pero asan ka na?!

o-oh.. ohu-oh.. o-oh.. ohu-oh.. anu ba yan LSS ako!

mas maganda ang statiojn id ng GMA-7! go mga kapuso!

@kapuso.. duh! napakawalang kwenta ng station ID ng GMA noh!

go TFC! i like watching TFC better. GMA is boring and so corny! go KAPAMILIYA!

abs cbn station id is the best……gma?cheap…..nonsense…

hehehe..i like the way ABS-CBN make their station IDs.. they’re great when it comes to special presentations… you can groove and sing with the beat…and it really touches the heart of everyone…GO KAPAMILYA!!!

the best ang station Id ng ABS CBN. sa GMA copy cat lang hehehe

visit you can get mp3 codes of araw natin to.. you can use it as testimonial to your friends myspace and friendster. Get it now at )

oh oh hhehehe!!!

where can i download station ID of abs-cbn? Pls help. thanks!

ako rin gus ko i download station id ng ABS-CBN

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