How to Blog an Exploding Man?


Posted on: April 4, 2007

Naayos ko din ang PC ko… grabe… kaya ako ay nagbabalik na..

Madami akong kwento kaya mag-abang lang kayo..

For the meantime.. Graduate na ako! May trabaho na ako! At TEACHER NA AKO!



8 Responses to "Pagbabalik"

nice to hear that dude!
congratz! 🙂

wuy Charles! I’ve searched everywhere, but I cant find an mp3 of the Kapamilya Summer Station ID. Ikaw agad naisip ko, hehe! Do you know where I can get it? =)

I’ll try to search for it..

wow charles!!! 😛
happy naman ako to hear from you “AGAIN!!!”

san ka na magWork?

I’ll talk about that later!


(batangueño mode) woohoo! congrats naman sa i-yo! bwehehehe…

i hav a copy of dat song mp3 file “Kapamilya Summer Station” hirs my email add if u want a copy too i wil send u dude..


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