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Who are the 3 Senatoriables you wont vote for?

Posted on: April 11, 2007

I got this idea from RJTV when I was channel-surfing last night. This show was hosted by an old lady, who had the strangest voice I had ever heard, and 2 old men who does nothing on the show, but to sit down at both ends of the old lady. Their topic was “Name 3 Senatoriables You Wont Vote For?”.

Now, I ask you. WHO ARE THE 3 SENATORIABLES YOU WONT VOTE FOR? And explain why you wont vote for them!

My 3 Senatoriables that I wont vote for:

1. Alan Peter Cayetano – He is a member of the Cayetano dynasty in Senate. His father, whom I regard as a good Senator, was the late Sen. Renato “Compañero” Cayetano. His sister is current Senator, Pia Cayetano. Tapos sasama pa siya? Hello? Hu-hu!

2. Koko Pimentel – Remember his political ad? Its something that talks about their surname. So – – – what about their name? It doesn’t mean that if your father is good, you’re good too. Remember the political satire/allegory of the old Kapamilya sitcom “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata”?

3. Richard Gomez -Wala siyang kredibilidad, porket ba hindi siya kukunin ng GO para tumakbo, didkit naman siya sa administrasyon. Tapos nung hindi siya pinatakbo ng administrasyon, nag-independent naman siya! What a sore loser!

Now? Who are the 3 Senatoriables you wont vote for?

24 Responses to "Who are the 3 Senatoriables you wont vote for?"

1. Tessie Aquino Oreta – like, wtf was she thinking about bringing up the “dancing queen” issue again? like, i almost forgot that eh… her so-called public apology is sooooo annoying… ang plastic!

2. Richard Gomez – ur friggin right! where’s his credibility? haha! he’s truly a sore loser! ;p

3. Chavit Singson – mah gawdddd!!!! Sooo much publicity tends to irritate bunch of peepz. Blah blah blah,,, enough said! 😀

i won’t take this damn seriously ah… pero, i won’t vote for them talaga! 😆
ORETA – tama na! sumayaw na lang siya… paSorry sorry pa siya… masyado naman niyang ginaya si GMA.

GOMEZ – sa sitcom na lang siya and S-files! mang intriga siya ng mga artista. at mag endorse ng kung anik anik na mga BENCH products for Ben Chan, di siya bagay sa Senado…

CHAVIT – enough of his craps!!!

ay, updated pala… hahaha… musta na?

Hmm, sa mga nasa Top 12 sa recent survey, eto ang hindi ko iboboto:

CAYETANO – Yeah, his desire to expose Mike Arroyo’s corruption is impressive pero hindi iyon ang trabaho niya. He needs to make laws as a Senator, something he did not do the past years, (according to an artik sa PDI last month, he did not author or even co-author any single law).

SOTTO – He belongs more at Eat Bulaga. Other people deserve to be in the Senate other than him.

HONASAN – Apparently, being coup d’etats and adultery is his cup of tea, not lawmaking. Enough of his brotherhood statements! He wants to make laws in the Senate? How about learning first how to follow them?

@ferdie/ninong.. akala ko kung sino na! hehehe…

pwede pa ba magdagdag! like si SOTTO, errrr… tama na sha!!!

nice layout! i’ve seen this somewhere actually!!! whoo!!!
miss yah charles! 🙂

I also agree with you. Pero here’s my bottom three:

1. Richard Gomez – walang alam. he said that political parties don’t matter so much because everything you do is for the nation. kamusta naman yun? then he said that education problems in the classroom can be solved if teachers treat the class like a movie where they’re acting in (so that students won’t get bored). ugh. talagang walang alam.

2. Loren Legarda – ultimate user and backstabber. ginamit na niya lahat: her husband, her career, her modeling stint, si GMA, si FPJ, si Erap. Let’s not forget that she was anti-Erap yesterday but pro-Erap today. Then she filed a complaint against VP Noli deCastro on the election returns but she dropped this in order to run for Senate.

3. Prospero Pichay – with all his ads (ang daming variety– medyo trying hard masyado), one would wonder how much he’s actually spent for his campaign. Ang dami-daming nangangailangan sa Pilipinas, the money could have gone somewhere else. Talk about lack of social justice!

1. Sonia Roco- bad ito sa mga ka2long nya..
2. Loren Legarda- pakitang tao
3. pwede ba pagsamahin si Alan peter cayetano at Chiz Escudero.. parang iisa lang sila eh.. parehas naghahanap ng gulo..

@peter… panu mo nalaman na bad si sonia roco sa mga katulong nya?

c koko, ke ipagmalaki nya ang pagiging pimentel or not, di nangangahulugan nmn na hndi sya karapat-dapat in fairness. bar topnotcher ata sya.

@peter, di naghahanap ng gulo c chiz. r u nuts? in fact, sya ang pinaka-smart at karapat-dapat na maging senador, even president in the future!!

mga di dapat iboto? lahat halos ng nasa team unity at c victor wood! wtf?!

lalo na c…

1. chavit – ’nuff said!
2. cesar montano – sa showbiz k n lng.
3. posporo pichay – isa to sa mga gustong i-abolish ang SENADO dba? tapos tatakbo’t gustong maging senador??
4. migz zubiri – isa pa to. parang c pichay!
5. tessie oreta – pa-awa epek. mag crying lady k n lng sa mga patay sa china town.

1. CAYETANO-PIMENTEL (see family name for more details)
2. MONTANO-GOMEZ (see political background for more details)
3. ANGARA-SOTTO-ORETA (see acronym for more details)

actually, i wouldnt vote for maybe alot more3 than 3..but these three are non-negotiable talaga…common sense would tell me not to vote for them

1) Caesar Montano
2) Richard Gomez
3) Sotto


OH YEAH…NOT TO MENTION ORETA–> trying hard, deceiving; CHAVIT–> trapo, PICHAY–> out of his mind, HONASAN–>baka pag hindi mag-agree sa kanya yung senate, coup d’ etat nalang ulit, LOREN LEGARDA–> ang may pinaka makapal na mukha sa balat ng lupa, OSMENA- TRAPONG TRAPO!!! I saw him on ‘the senatoriables’ and boy does he suck!! all of his views are TRAPO…he doesnt really answer the question, he sidetracks too much to feature his ‘accomplishments’..platform..etc…as if all of the viewers are stupid…parepareho lang sinasabi nya..NO TO TRADITIONAL POLITICIANS!!!….!

very well said. no to political shit dynasties!! buti nalang nagback out yung baboy na gus2 ding maging senador damn them all ! thats why im with those people who supports to abolish the senate… inaaksaya lang ang pera nang taong bayan.

opss i forgot.. top 3 senatoriables i wont vote:

1) chavit singson- c’mon you trust this guy?

2} angara – what the hell he claims with him angara nang buhay “daw” natin? FCUK! only stupid people beleived on this piece of shit!

3}Honasan -im too tired of this robin hood style daw… if he really want’s to help our country he wont support any destabilezers that drag our country deeper into mud. if he is really a nationalist better he form an assasin squad to kill all those pig and crocodiles in our government or better commit suicide and blow yourself into those corrupt assholes!

-Kanya kanyang opinyon yan.. you dont need to attack me just because you admire chiz escudero… parang close naman tayo to tell me that im nuts..

– sabi sakin yan ng kaibigan kong taga PNU.. sabi daw ng prof niya sa filipino ata..

@peter.. Mrs. Sonia Roco does not teach in PNU..

@ey.. sino ung baboy na sinasabi mo?

hindi.. what i mean is.. sabi sakin ng kaibigan kong nag-aaral sa PNU.. sabi daw sa kanila ng professor pala nila sa Values.. na si prof. ******** .. nang-aaway daw ito ng katulong at tungkol dun sa pang-aalipusta sa mga autistic..

hindi pala prof. sa filipino.. prof. sa values pala..

pero.. i have nothing against sonia roco.. di naman kasi ako boboto eh..

nice posts…i agree with yopu guyzzzz ds people needs not to be in the senate…

for me its….

1. defensor….sobra syang o.a na ipagtanggol si GMA…he’s a freaking PUPPET…

2. Oreta…hindi na siguro maalis sa atin ang pagka “dancing queen” nya…

3. the ACTORS…they have no place in the senate….

CAYETANO – awful performance in Congress; he didn’t pass any laws while in office. He wasted his time and the taxpayer’s money over his debacle with FG, which he obviously used to gain attention for the upcoming 2007 midterm elections.

GOMEZ – he obviously forgot that not everyone is an artista; one of his platforms is to help the movie industry. I hope you make platforms that truly helps the Filipino, not just a minority. I also don’t want a hot headed senator who resorts to physical altercation.

LEGARDA-VILLAR – Traitors. Loren? Jeez, talk about crying a river during the 2001 impeachment trial over the envelope, now your siding with Erap? The same thing with you Villar. Shame on the two of you.

GMA may have deceived us during the 2004 elections, but who will ever forget the shameful things Erap did during his term in office. GO should GO straight to the dumpster with Erap.

i will not vote for the following:

1. Chavit – no. 1 da HU yan – hudas / hugas kamay / hueteng (jueteng) lord din yan /
bkit pa bibigyan ng chance yan kung si erap nga nilaglag niya taong bayan pa kaya?

2. Gomez – sos asikasuhin mo nalang pamilya mo. di ka na sikat totoy ayusin mo buhay mo

3. Lahat ng nag ja jump over the bakod…

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