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Harry-ing the 7th Book!

Posted on: April 27, 2007

Note: This contains spoilers about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)

I know I shouldn’t be making this one, but what can I do? I’m just a fan!

Anyway, last week, while surfing internet, I came across a New Yorker who had the copy of an e-book of Harry Potter 7. HP7 will be released late July, syempre, I had to read the book! I requested for a copy and now I am currently reading Chapter 10. Although I do not know whether this one is the true copy of the book by JK Rowling, or just a fan fiction, but examining it externally, a 548-paged e-copy of the book is not authored by a fan, still, it is worth reading

Here is a portion of Chapter 10: The Locket

This portion reveals the locket in Grimmauld Place is the Hocrux that Voldie used.

‘Did either of you manage to retrieve the locket?’ Harry was careful with his wording so Kreacher could not twist it. The elf let out a nervous squeal before answering ‘Yes!’

The elf was extremely agitated, but it appeared as before, Kreacher was forced to answer.

‘Has the locket been destroyed?’ Harry kept his voice cold and hard. Kreacher looked like he wanted to dissolve into the floor.

‘No!’ he squawked, terrified.

I have no intention to send a copy to anyone! I’ll just keep it to myself…


6 Responses to "Harry-ing the 7th Book!"

hahaha. i gave u that copy andu wont even share it to others? hehehe. anyway, STOP READING IT cause u will only be dissapointed cause it stop at page 548. i was shock and mad when i realised that it stop at the very point when the new best buddies, harry and draco (YEs, harry and draco are now friends. they even drink some liquor from the same further if u want to know more about their friendsly bonding), are about to get to the next horcrux… man, imagine the feeling na ma bitin ka. hmmp!

aww.. sayang naman.. anyway, it is still worth reading..

Oo nga fan fiction lang sya based from whta i’ve read sa web…am not reading that LOL! Meron pa isang version nyan written by another fan.

what a relief to know its not the real thing… nag pareserve pa naman ako ng orig copy sa national bookstore.

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