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Charles’ Reviews: Spider-Man 3

Posted on: May 2, 2007

Spider-Man 3

I watched Spider-Man 3 yesterday at SM Sucat. Sobrang dami ng tao sa sinehan na talaga namang siksikan. Buti nalang, maaga kami dun, kaya di kami nakipagsiksikan, maganda pa ang seats na nakuha namin.

Anyway, mas maganda pa din ang Spider-Man 2 para sa akin kesa sa Spider-Man 3. Although, mas maganda ang effects ng Spider-Man 3, kaya mas enjoyable. Madaming drag moments sa Spider-Man 3, since ang relationship ni Peter at ni MJ is more than friends na.

Venom debuted in this movie after Peter threw off Black Spider against himself. Sandman also made his own appearance in this movie. Harry Osborn became the new Goblin in this movie, with all the reasons for revenge to Peter, and Spider-Man alter ego. Towards the last part of the movie, New Goblin and Spiderman became allies to save Mary Jane. And the ultimate truth about the murder of Peter’s Uncle is revealed in this movie, as revenge and anger creeps to Peter’s heart emanating Black Spider-Man

Spider-Man 3 Full Trailer

Spider-Man 3 Preview

6 Responses to "Charles’ Reviews: Spider-Man 3"

gusto ko yan mapanood! buti ka pa napanood mo na! 😦

mabuti at maikli lang… ayoko png makabasa ng mga spoilers sa blog! gusto ko din itong mapanood… kaso busyness at stake! waaah…

I think Spiderman 3 is a good movie, because topher Grace is includeed in the cast… he’s just so cute and a very good actor with a sense of humor… nice

i think it’s funny. it’s good i guess, in terms of effects, but the storyline sucks. natawa lang ako sa latter half nung palabas, lalo na nung naging emo si Peter Parker. ^_^

hi, linked you up. thanks

ganda spiderman 3…

pero ang ganda rin kasi ng spiderman 2 dahil unforgettable yung revelation ni Peter kay MJ na sya si spiderman…

hi, i watched the movie, super galing.
im trying to search for blogs that tackles lighter side of current issues..
more power dude!

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