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I confess that I am an addict

Posted on: May 7, 2007

I give up. I confess. I am an addict.

My mom and grandmother said to me yesterday that I must go to a Rehabilitation Center. They said that they had enough of me, as an addict. They cant live up the shame that I have brought my family.

But I can’t. I just cant.

‘Coz I cant watch HEROES.

That’s right, I confess that I am addict to HEROES. I just cant live without Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet and a whole bunch of “weirdos” strutting their stuff along the roads of New York City.

I can’t face the truth that Heroes will have its season ender within 3 weeks. Anyway, I have at home my downloaded Heroes Episodes (updated and complete season 1 episodes), so I can watch them whenever I want.

Heroes Volume 2, dubbed as “Heroes Generation” will run likely to air this year and next year. That’s a long wait for Heroes Fan like me.

Heroes airs Sundays, 8:00pm at RPN-9, and in cable, soon in Crime and Suspense.


4 Responses to "I confess that I am an addict"

“heores” is really addictive! kanina nga lang… like the whole three hours, heroes lang ang usapan dito sa opisina! i like the plot and the developments of characters! it is so entertaining… can’t help to talk about it! bwehehehe…

Addicted to Heroes? Yeah, tell me about it! haha!

Grabe, all of our favorite US series will take a break this May, and wont be back by September! Yikes! Haha!

heroes is really awesome. I’m also hooked to it! Too bad… i can’t download the last two eps. of it since i’m using a dial up connection.

Anyway, Claire Bennet is hot! LMFAO ;]

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