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What am I been doing?

Posted on: May 11, 2007

I haven’t made a quite decent post these last few months, my excuse for this is that I am busy with the graduation, application for work, the computer is wasted, and lack of motivation – basically, tinatamad ako.

I actually have a few sensible posts ready to be published, but for goodness, I haven’t finished the – actually, I haven’t even started them yet, except for the titles. Anyway, its in my priority list now, since my vacation will end soon.

And another one, I noticed that I have high hits when I am doing a blog posts about Entertainment – specifically about ABS-CBN. I dont want to make this blog as an entertainment blog, but, well, that’s what happening. But as far as I am concerned, this is NOT an entertainment blog.

Anyway, grabbed this from George Lagoda’s profile in Friendster. This photo is taken last 2006 during the Pagdiriwang ng Sulo (Torch Ceremony) in the Philippine Normal University. The Pagdiriwang ng Sulo is a 100-year old tradition of PNU where the outgoing 4th years passes the “ceremonial” torch to our incoming 4th year counterparts. Some kind of a “promenade”, ha?!? In this picture, I am at the 1st “0” in 2006.


2 Responses to "What am I been doing?"

hanep talaga ang torh ceremony na iyan! nung grumadweyt ako nung 2003, nasa “3” ako nun! hahaha! tagal ko na palang graduate! OMG!

hehehe… merong bagong design ang torch ceremony na ginamit sa batch 2007…

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