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Who are your TOP 3 Senators (and you will vote for)?

Posted on: May 13, 2007

Last time, I asked you who are the three senatoriables you wont vote for? Now, its time for who are those you WILL vote for?

Here is the list of my TOP 3 Senators:

1. Sonia Roco – Widow of the late Sen. Raul Roco. A teacher and advocate of education. She has the makings of a good leader. Knows the grassroot’s problems and has a fair idea on how to solve it.

2. Loren Legarda – The former Vice-Presidentiable, who stood up against a coalition giant. She is a well-versed person, dedicated and hard-working. She know how to use her common sense and has conscience in her decisions. Furthermore, she also know how does a legislative work is done.

3. Manny Villar – Businesman-at-heart, but turned politician. Many says that he is poised to become a Presidentiable in 2010, but he still needs to pursue to become one. He gained fame when he bypassed the impeachment proceedings of former President Joseph Estrada when he was the Speaker of the House – an action which is legally incorrect, but morally upright. Works for his conscience and dignity. He does not need to corrupt (maybe), since he has his own money (and a very large sum, if you will)

I ask my audience now, who are your Top 3 Senators (and you will vote for)?

2 Responses to "Who are your TOP 3 Senators (and you will vote for)?"

Hmmm, I’m voting for one of your top three. 🙂

I’m voting for Villar, Arroyo, Defensor, Zubiri and Lacson. That’s right about it.

How about Escudero? I think he’s good…

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