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How I voted during Halalan 2007?

Posted on: May 15, 2007

As a first time voter, I was excited to cast my vote in my first ever participation on a national election. Of course, I woke up early, dressed decently, and prepared my election guide. I studied all the candidate’s profile and platforms for their legislative works.

This is how I casted my ballot yesterday morning at Precint 0374-A.

I have in my ballot six (6) Genuine Opposition, four (4) Team Unity, and two (2) independent candidates for my senators. (While I went for a straight Lakas-CMD for my local votes.)

Seven (7) candidates – Roco, Legarda, Villar, Arroyo, Angara, Pangilinan and Recto – are my sure votes, which upon filing their candidacy, I’ve decided to vote for them while the other five (5) – Lacson, Bautista, Oreta, Escudero and Aquino – are my stray votes, meaning I’ve just decided to vote for them on the day of the election. I really had a hard time to decide to vote for them.

I wish my votes would be counted, and not cheated.

6 Responses to "How I voted during Halalan 2007?"

helo… magcomment ka kasi sa blog ko… para madaanan kita lagi… toink! hehe… di pa ako registered e kaya di ako bumoto… malamang… hehe… saka birthday ko yun e… haha. walang kinalaman… >_

ok.. fine… magcocomment na ako sa blog mo!

good for you man. m just 27 and already politically apathetic. hope you don’t tire out and your idealism gets burning to last a lifetime.

ahm.. great site by the way…

Only seven of those I voted are in the Top 12 so far. *sigh*

5/12 sa ibinoto mo ang ibinoto ko.

Iboboto ko sana para sa party-list ang Kabataan. Kaya lang, sila yata ang “Aksyon Kabataan” o “Bangon Kabataan” ng Bayan Muna. Ibinoto ko nung 2001 ang AVE. Ngayong taon, hindi. Nung nalaman ko ang nominees nila, nagbago ang isip ko. Pinili ko ang ABAKADA kaysa sa A TEACHER dahil nahuhuli sa mga sorvey ang una. Kung dalawa lang ang pupwedeng iboto, yung dalawa na.

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